Initial Counselling & Student Profile Analysis

Perhaps the toughest part of applying for higher education is to take a decision – decision on which coutry & university to apply to, decision on which subject to apply for, decision on how to start, decision on who to go for authentic and reliable help etc. We undertand that dilemma better than anyone else and therefore offer our highly effective initial counselling sessions with aspiring students. We make sure these sessions are interactive and try to understand your aspirations, life & career objectives and ambitions, and then guide you through the realities, options and paths how to reach your goals. Our objective is that when a student walks out of our session, he/ she is better equipped to make informed academic and career decisions.

Career Consultation

We offer expert career counselling to students and parents. Our advisors who mostly come from corporate backgrounds will assess interests and abilities of the candidates and guide them through their journery to select the right careers and most efficient career path. The world is changing very rapidly and the careers that were previously considered the best are no longer in demand. We have the right expertise and are updated with the latest market trends that allow us to guide you towards your best choice.

Educational Institute Selection

We understand that decision of studying abroad is one of the few big decisions in life both emotionally and financially so we are here to help you to identify the right alma mater for you in line with your future career aspirations and goals. We offer group advice, seminars as well as one-on-one exclusive sessions to give you the pros and cons of each institution to enable you to make the right choice. As well as choosing a course, students also need to consider many other elements, including the type of environment they would like to live in, location, transport links, availability of accommodation, cost of living, options for financing studies through institutional scholarships and, of course, the type of institution they prefer.

Financial Advisory

Our panel financial advisors are current bankers with a vast experience of extending loans to clients including students. They will use their expertise, expereince and network to give you optimum options to finance your education with best possible installment plans, pricing and earliest disbursements.

Scholarship Information & Application

We have an outstanding track record in procuring scholarships and financial aid for our students from universities and HEC. We are always updated on scholarship options available from local and international sources and help you apply ensuring each scholarship application form is submitted with the utmost precision and all requirements duly fulfilled to ensure maximum success and lower financial burden of a foreign education for all our students.